Ian Murdock, Founder of Debian OS passes away

Sad news for Linux and open source Community: Ian Murdock passes away

Ian Murdock, founder of Debian OS passes away.

    Ian Murdock passed away on the night of Monday 28, October 2015 at the age of 42. His Twitter account has been down since then but we found the tweets from internet archive sites and are posted below. His last tweets revealed suicidal intentions and described rough encounters with police. The cause of his death is still unknown. The news of his death first officially surfaced on a blog by Docker where he had worked since the start of 2015 until his death. This news of his death has saddened the entire Linux and Open source community.

Ian’s Twitter Account is Deleted

Snapshot of Ian's Twitter Page missing

Ian’s Twitter Page is Missing

The Tweets from Ian Murdock’s Twitter Account

Though Ian’s twitter account has been deleted his tweets still remain on some webpage archiving sites.This is the list of tweets we found from Internet archive site archive.is The tweets are in descending order of time and can be read from bottom to top in order of time.

Image of tweets from Ian Twitter account which has been deleted since his death.

Ian’s last tweets

Though Ian has died, he has left behind the legacy of “DebIAN“, and will continue to live in the hearts of people forever and for the better. Ian had started writing the Debian manifesto at the age of 20 itself while he was graduating at Purdue University. He had named the Debian Operating system after the name of his then girlfriend Debra Lynn and his first name Ian (Debra + Ian). Ian released the first stable release of Debian OS came in 1996 and since then it has become the spearhead of open source tech, running on every thing from the small embedded devices to space station. You can learn more about Ian’s life and career at Wikipedia. I personally can’t imagine how my life would had shaped without Debian, since I myself learnt Linux on Ubuntu which would have not existed without Debian.

May God be with Ian’s family during this hard time. Our condolences to Ian’s family and co-workers. Additionally, Ian’s family has requested privacy during this difficult time and Docker has come forward to attend inquiries and condolences from the press and well-wishers. You can also post your condolences and thoughts in the comments below and they will be sent to in-memoriam-ian@debian.org where they will be kept and archived by the Debian community.

R.I.P Ian Murdock. May your soul rest in peace.

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