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Meet the OsGeek

Meet the OsGeek

My Name is Aditya Pednekar, and I live in the Mumbai, India.Speaking about me, OSCHANNEL.COM is my attempt to help people explore the shells and secrets of Operating Systems. I work as a Linux System Administrator at Media.net, a Digital Advertising I.T. company based in Mumbai. Well I am pretty much terrible at everything I do except when I work with computers. This was the main reason I choose I.T. as my carrier. By the way its me on the left, during(2011) my final year of Graduation when I was heading the technical department of my College for our college festival “Khawish” (A Dream).

And Some Stuff About My Website: OSCHANNEL.COM

OSCHANNEL.COM is all about keeping people updated about the latest happenings in the OS world, blogs and tutorial videos related to and revolving around Operating systems. Be it troubleshooting, How-To’s or latest news, you’ll all find it here. OsFacts is another section where you can find some funny as well as interesting facts.
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